About Our Journey

Siste Viator! / Wait, traveller!


Welcome to our world and thank you for taking your time on getting to know about us.
You have just found yourself in our back office where we essentially mould our ideas and turn them into expeditions.
The Outdoor Gear Geeks was created by a group of adventure loving buddies that share the same passion for life and adventure.
Our mission is to help you devour the world of action where each individual can free themselves from inhibitions and become a better person.

Our belief in the Ancient Roman saying


‘Vincit qui se vincit – He conquers who conquers himself‘ became our motto.


We are often our own worst enemy. It’s us who create our own triumphs by the way we think and act.
We trust that landing on this page will spread our contagious adoration for thrill onto you.
Life is short so let’s make the most of it! We believe that surpassing your own limits is an injection of adrenaline to our lives.  


Be brave. Live the experience to the fullest.


If you think alike and value your personal achievements experience just like us, adventure aficionados, stand up,  set some amazing goals and turn your trip into an unforgettable exciting challenge waiting to be accepted!
Whether you like a light, medium or intense level of adrenaline rushing through your blood, our sections are tailored to the different needs of our followers.
Don’t just listen or read Escapades from online magazines or Facebook friends’ walls.


Liberate your spirit and begin your journey to the top of the world.


If you are only beginning to discover your appetite for escapades within the country or around the world, be sure to find complete guides to how to kick start your plan of action and prepare all the tools you need before you leave your doorstep.
If you need more stimulation, remember that there are thousands of people like you who are novices to outdoor activities and are in need of educating themselves.
We are here to assist you in making the best informed decisions.

Our detailed guides will talk you through why, when, where and what to prepare for your next undertaking.
Your world isn’t just 9 to 5. Make a difference! Bring creativity and a healthy dose of thrill to your everyday life.
Try something new today and take it to the next level over the next few weeks and months.

Embrace the nature. Choose safe equipment. Prepare for a different experience and tons of excitement!


Live your life.


Dream big.


Become part of us, Adventure Aficionados!

Your OGG team

(that is Outdoor Gear Geeks)