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Welcome to Outdoor Gear Geeks!  We hope we can help you get all geared up for your next adventure.  If you’re passionate about enjoying the best experience from the outdoor activities that you love then having the best outdoor gear is bound to make those memories a little bit more special.

We provide comparisons, reviews and guides on the best outdoor gear for your outdoor activities.  The idea is to save you time researching what to buy and provide guidance on what items you’ll need for certain activities.

Avoid choosing a ‘that will do’ equipment that you forgot you had.  Instead opt in for the one specifically designed for the sport you want to take to prevent any unwanted experience so you can focus purely on the ultimate satisfaction from doing outdoor activities. 

You can’t buy better memories, you can only make memories and by having the best outdoor gear you know you’re prepared to make the most of your experience.


How We Can Help You

We help you to prepare by providing comparisons, review and guides on the best outdoor gear.  Our comparison tables will show the best models of a particular product along with the features.  This will make it easy for you to compare the models and find the most suitable one for you or the person you’re buying for.

Our guides will give you information such as how to choose a particular product and why this product will be useful for the activity you’ll be participating in.

Some people like to be spontaneous and we’re not against that as sometimes spontaneous moments can lead to the best moments.  But we also believe that in some cases failing to prepare is preparing to fail, so we want to make sure you’re fully equipped and prepared before you set off to explore the outdoor world.