Top 5 Best Hiking Trousers

A Guide To The Best Hiking Trousers For Men

Hiking trousers may also be referred to as trekking trousers or walking trousers because they can also be used for other purposes as well such as dog walking.  The fabrics used to make hiking trousers usually make them lightweight, durable, comfortable and sometimes water resistant.  This makes them ideal for any strenuous activities or even just a walk to the park.

We feel walking trousers is one of the necessities for hiking trips alongside a pair of hiking boots and hiking jacket.  If not walking trousers, most people would probably opt for jeans or other trousers but these pieces of garment can hinder your performance as they don’t offer the same comfort.  We’ve compiled a list further down the page on why choosing hiking trousers is a better option.

 1) Craghoppers Kiwi Convertible Walking Trousers2) Regatta Action Walking Trouers3) Berghaus Paclite Overtrousers4) Berghaus Navigator II Stretch Trousers5) Sprayway Waterproof Rain Pants
Craghoppers Classic Walking Trousers
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Regatta Action Walking Trousers
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Berghaus Paclite Overtrousers
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Berghaus Navigator II Stretch Trousers
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Sprayway Waterproof Rain Pants
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MaterialPolyester & cottonPolyester & cottonGore-Tex PacliteDurable plain weaveNylon
WaterproofTick AmberTickCrossTick
WaistPart elasticatedPart elasticatedElasticatedPart elasticatedPart elasticated
Number Of Pockets- 2 Hand
- 2 Back
- 2 Side
- 2 Hand
- 2 Back
- 1 Side
0- 2 Hand
- 2 Back
- 2 Side
- 2 Hand
Pocket ClosureOpen & zippedOpen & zippedN/AOpen & zippedZipped
Changes Into ShortsTick CrossCrossCrossCross
Colours Available- Black
- Dark navy
- Beach
- Black pepper
- Black
- Green
- Lichen
- Navy
- Grey
- Black- Navy
- Dark grey
- Olive
- Black
PriceCheck Price Check Price Check Price Check Price Check Price

How To Choose The Best Hiking Trousers

Deciding on the best hiking trousers is a lot more straightforward than choosing the best hiking boots as there’s not as many factors to take into account.  Below are the factors to take into account if you’re undecided on what pair of hiking trousers to go for:

Material – The fabric of the trousers can indicate the comfort level, durability and ability to endure harsh weather conditions.

Waterproof – The ability to withstand rainy conditions, if the table shows an amber light this means the trousers are not fully waterproof but can only endure light showers.  Overtrousers tend to be fully waterproof whereas the waterproof walking trousers can’t withstand heavy rain as well.

Craghoppers Classic Walking Trousers

Wear them as shorts or trousers – Craghoppers Kiwi

Waist – Usually either partly elasticated or fully elasticated, with the partly elasticated trousers you still may need a belt to help you hold them up if they are a little bit loose whereas the fully elasticated ones should fit around your waist either way.

Number Of Pockets – Having more pockets means you can hold more things with easier accessibility.  Only valuables such as mobile phones should be placed in pockets where it can be zipped up.

Changes Into Shorts – When the activity can be intense you’re bound to get too hot and when the weather can be unpredictable you don’t really know if you’re going to be too hot or too cold. 

Some trousers have a zip where you can take the bottom half of the trousers off completely and turn them into shorts.  They may not look as pretty as the other trousers as the flap which covers the zip is noticeable but they are definitely very practical.



Should I Wear Waterproof Overtrousers?

Trespass Qikpac Waterproof Trousers

Trespass Qikpac Waterproof Trousers

As the name suggests, overtrousers are designed to be worn over your normal trousers or hiking trousers.  Overtrousers are usually both highly waterproof and windproof, so it would be ideal for conditions where there is likely to be heavy rain and wind.

It is lightweight and can be folded up making it more compact and space efficient when not in use, the Trespass Qikpac Waterproof Trousers comes with a mini storage bag.  You can also wear your normal non-hiking trousers if you feel more comfortable in them because when it does start to rain you can just slip on your waterproof overtrousers.

Overtrousers may not be necessary if you’re only likely to experience light rain and wind as waterproof hiking trousers will be enough to withstand those conditions.  Adding another layer will also probably make you feel too warm.


Trekking Trousers vs Jeans & Other Trousers

If you have any reason to doubt the fact that trekking trousers will be more practical then we’ve provided a list of reasons why we think they are a better choice than jeans or other trousers:


  • Dries quicker.
  • Waterproof trekking trousers can withstand light to medium rain showers.
  • Lighter than jeans.
  • Usually more comfortable and allows more movement.
  • Multiple pockets some with zips so can be used to store valuables.
  • Some designs allows you to convert them into shorts.