Top 5 Best Portable Camping Gas Stoves

A Guide To The Best Portable Camping Gas Stoves

Cooking your food when camping is a big contributor to the overall experience.  Whether you’re travelling light with a hiking or backpacking backpack or camping travelling by car, there’s a portable camping gas stove to serve the purpose.  Portable gas stoves are more suitable than electric stoves for camping, because you’re unlikely to have an electric supply by your tent.

Camping sites may provide picnic tables so you can eat, but if they don’t then a folding camping table would be perfect for you to prepare, cook your food and eat on top of.  Also its portability allows you to use it closer to your tent, even inside your tent or anywhere else.

Although a relatively cheap product, there are still several factors to take into account when searching for the best portable camping gas stove, see below for our tips on what to look out for

 1) Marksman Portable Gas Cooker Stove2) Campingaz Folding Double Stove And Grill3) Coleman Unleaded 2-Burner Stove 4) Campingaz Camping 206 Stove5) Coleman Sportster Stove
Average User Rating (4.5 / 5) (4.5 / 5) (4.6 / 5) (4.2 / 5) (4.6 / 5)
Number Of Burners12211
FuelGas canister Butane or propane gasUnleaded petrol or Coleman multi fuel Butane/propane gas cartridge Coleman multi fuel
Toast RackCrossTickCrossCrossCross
Safety LockTickCrossCrossCrossCross
Dimensions (cm)34.5L x 28W x 8H59.5L x 32.5W x 9H46L x 29W x 12H13L x 13W x 20H15L x 15W x 12H
Regulator & Hose IncludedNot requiredCrossNot requiredNot requiredNot required
Carry CaseTickTickTickCrossTick
PriceCheck Price Check Price Check Price Check Price Check Price

How To Choose The Best Portable Camping Gas Stove

As well as a necessity to cook your food or make a lovely brew with a whistling kettle, it wouldn’t feel like you’re camping without a portable camping stove.  Below we’ll go through all the features so those with little or no clue can get a better understanding on what to look out for.


Backpacking stoves are a lot smaller and compact than car camping stoves

Dimensions – Backpacking stoves such as the Campingaz 206 stove are smaller and more compact making it more suitable if you’re travelling with just a backpack.  However, they are usually not as powerful and don’t cater for as many people as two burner camp stove would.

One way to determine how powerful a portable stove is, is by checking its boil time, but not all manufacturers will tell you how long it takes to boil water.

Weight – Not surprisingly, backpacking stoves usually weigh less due to its smaller dimensions which is ideal for hikers or backpackers.  Car camping stoves are still relatively light, but weight is not a major issue either way if you’re travelling by car.


Fuel Type

Fuel – The type of fuel used for the stove can be in the form of several ways depending on the type of model you choose.  Gas canisters and cartridges are among the most common methods to fuel the stove, as they are both easy to carry around.

Regulator & Hose Included – Most of the portable gas burners do not require a regulator and hose to be connected to the gas canister like you would for a gas BBQ.  From our table, it’s only the Campingaz double burner that requires a regulator and hose so it can connect to a mini gas canister.


Other Features

Number Of Burners – Usually only car camp stoves come in models with more than one burner.  A two burner camp stove is better for small groups, whereas single burners are better for couples or individuals.

Turns your camping stove into a toaster!

Toast Rack – Some of the 2 burner camp stoves will come with a toast rack, the single burners are usually too small and compact to have this function included.  However, you can buy a toaster accessory which can conveniently sit on top of any camping stove.

Ignition – A built-in ignition will eliminate having to use a match or separate stove ignitor to light the stove.  This will make it a bit easier to light the stove because in windy conditions a match tends to get blown out very frequently.

Safety Lock – Useful if there are kids around, when the safety lock is on this prevents gas flow to the burner.

Carry Case – Some camping stoves operate from its own case, so the stove doesn’t disconnect from the case.  With other portable stoves, a separate case will be supplied.


Best Food To Take To Camping

Once you’ve decided what’s the best portable camping gas stove for you, now it’s time to decide the best foods to take to camping.  The right food to bring does also depend on how long you’re camping or hiking for.

Outdoors specialise Go Outdoors has prepared a list of what food to take camping so you don’t have to go to the supermarket trying to figure out what you need.  In addition to the list, you can also bring your own homemade specialities if it’s food that can be kept chilled and simply reheated.