Top 5 Best Self-Inflating Sleeping Mats

 1) Lichfield Single Self Inflating Mat2) KingCamp Basecamp Self Inflating Sleeping Mat3) Winterial Double Self Inflating Sleeping Mat4) Ultrasport Self-Inflating Mat 5) Adtrek 3/4 Length Self Inflating Camping Mat

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Material75D polyester & PVCPolyester190T polyester & PVCPolyesterPolyester
Attached PillowCrossTickTickCrossCross
Dimensions183 x 51 x 3cm196 x 63 x 3cm185 x 130 x 3cm200 x 66 x 3cm123 x 52 x 3cm
Repair KitTickTickCrossTickCross
Carry BagTickTickTickTickTick
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A Guide To The Best Self-Inflating Sleeping Mats

In addition to your camping sleeping bag, you should also consider buying a self-inflating sleeping mat but it’s not compulsory.  There are three main types of sleeping mats, but we choose to review only self-inflating ones as these tend to be a popular choice.

The self-inflating sleeping mats will inflate on its own once you roll it out and loosen the valve, some models may only inflate to around 80%, in which you have to blow air into the valve for the remainder so it’s fully inflated.

Most people would use a camping sleeping pad to sleep on top of with their sleeping bag, although if the climate is warm they can just sleep on the sleeping pad with a blanket over them.  An inflatable sleeping pad will not only provide you with a comfortable surface to sleep on, but it’ll also provide you with insulation to keep you warm.

If you’re not sure whether you really need a sleeping mat then perhaps knowing the pros & cons may help, this way you’ll know if it can benefit you. 

How To Choose The Best Self-Inflating Sleeping Mat

If you already have a sleeping bag then an inflatable sleeping mat will probably enhance your sleeping experience.  In order to ensure you choose the best self-inflating sleeping mat, we’ll guide you through the features applicable so you can gain a better understanding. 

Some will have poppers so you can attach more than one sleeping mat together

Material – Unlike sleeping bags which have quite a complex material composition, the material on self-inflating sleeping pads will only have an outside material which will usually be polyester.

Attached Pillow – Having a pillow attached to the mat is kind of like killing two birds with one stone, because you get the comfort of sleeping on the inflated mat as well as a pillow to sleep on.  This way you don’t have to carry around a separate pillow or use your own makeshift pillow.

Dimensions – Choosing a camping sleeping pad long enough for your whole body will provide better insulation for your whole body as well as your feet.  Having a wider pad would be better if you require more room or tend to roll around a lot.

Repair kit for any small holes and punctures

Sleeps – The number of people the sleeping mat is suitable more.

Weight – How much the sleeping pad weighs when it’s deflated and rolled up.  If you’re backpacking, as space is precious, picking a lightweight sleeping pad will probably be a better option as the light ones will also usually be smaller in size when compressed.

Repair Kit – As with most inflatable objects, punctures can happen.  If you do happen to get a puncture in your inflatable sleeping pad then a repair kit will usually be able to patch up the hole.

Carry Bag – Used to neatly hold the sleeping pad when it’s deflated and not in use.



Pros & Cons Of A Self-Inflating Sleeping Pad

Knowing the pros and cons of a sleeping pad can help you decide whether it’s really necessary or not.  It’s usually quite affordable, but in some cases such as if you’re backpacking, you’re limited on what you can take with you.


  • Keeps you more insulated.
  • Provides more comfort rather than having to sleep on the uncomfortable ground.
  • There are models available which takes up little space.


  • Another item you have to pack and carry.
  • As it’s filled with air, it can be punctured.